April 21, 2018

Have your work reviewed by

college professors at Portfolio Day.

Best portfolio creators may receive

up to a $2,000 scholarship to

Wesley College.

Get one-on-one FEEDBACK

Video & Audio

Graphic Design & Photography


Journalism & Media Writing


Ever wondered where the quality of your work is? Here’s your chance to find out.

Each high school student who submits his or her work will meet individually with one of Wesley College’s faculty in Multimedia Communication. These professors, who have years of field experience, will sit down and show you what you’re doing well and where to improve.

Portfolio submissions and
registrations are due
April 13, 2018.

Submission Details

You have two options for submitting your portfolio. This will be submitted as part of your registration.

Option 1: A link to your work

We’d prefer this if possible. This can be a link to a Youtube video, your news article online, Flickr stream, or wherever else your work is kept.

Option 2: As a zip file upload

You can also take your work and zip it up to submit in our system. Maximum upload size is 15mb.

Register and submit your Portfolio today.

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